I know my entry point, its just a matter of waiting for the

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Canada Goose sale My embarrassment from a failed attempt has finally faded and now I am prepared to tell my tale.

Canada Goose Outlet Let me set the scene: Complexcon, Long Beach CA, Early November. For those of you that don know what Complexcon is, basically its an event with tons of art, food, shoes, and clothes. Mostly people go for the exclusive shoes. I was one of uk canada goose outlet those people. I had my sights set on making a couple thousand off the quick weekend trip, and it all seemed so easy. Almost too easy.

canada goose clearance sale Things started off on a rocky start. canada goose factory sale I flew in, caught an Uber that smelled like someone pissed canada goose store in the back, and soon arrived at the convention center. The whole trip was so last minute I really buy canada goose jacket cheap couldn find any good hotels nearby for a decent price, so I just figured I somehow find some place to nap. Mistake 1.

canada goose black friday sale I arrived at the convention center around 10PM Friday and instead of hopping canada goose clearance into one of the lines already hundreds of people deep, I instead decided to just fuck around. And fuck around I did. I wandered around, chilled in the lobby of the hotel that the convention center is connected to, and went to some shady Denny I knew I just had to wait until Saturday morning when I could sneak in. Why did canada goose coats I have to sneak in? Good question. The event had two ticket options: VIP, and regular. I did not have VIP. It was expensive and sold out. But, unlike regular ticket holders, VIP had the advantage of going into the event an hour early. That may not seem like much of an Canada Goose Outlet advantage, but it was huge. In order to get all the canada goose coats on sale exclusive shoes and other shit, I had to be one of the first people inside. I also had to get in early in order to pick up shoes from an employee of canada goose outlet a booth who was secretly saving a pair for my friend.

Canada Goose online The event opens for VIPs at 10am and its around 8am at this point. People are already telling me they snuck inside EASILY. I ready, but I also hesitant because I would have to hide inside for 2 hours. I know my entry point, its just a matter of waiting for the right time. I’ve lost my partner in crime who I met randomly 4 hours earlier. We spent a decent amount of time looking for ways in (mainly me) and messing around with a lighter he found (pretty much all him). The guy was kind of sketching me buy canada goose jacket out, but I needed a partner to pull this off. Unfortunately, like I stated, he randomly left and went off the grid.

9am rolls around. Its time. I walk around to the loading dock area, I see a propped open door. Perfect. I go for it. But then I stop. I hesitated. I couldn’t do it. I went back to the public area. I needed a new partner. I reached out to my extended list of friends and was able to find 3 random https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com people I had never met before. Some Chinese kid from Boston, and some kid and his girlfriend. Not the best team, but it would have to do. We met in the lobby of the hotel next to the convention center, which also happened to have a Canada Goose online coffee shop. I quickly grabbed 4 cups of coffee and one of those stupid cardboard caddies. I put on my sunglasses. I was a man on a mission, a mission to deliver coffee.

canada goose coats on sale We walked back to the loading dock area. The door uk canada goose that was previously propped open is now closed. Fuck. Plan B. We walk off into another area of the loading dock. I completely lose sight of the kid and his girlfriend. Chinese kid, still behind me, is my hype man, telling me we need to try it again. He cheap Canada Goose walks up to a security guard and asks him the way in. We find another way in. At this point we are inside a semi secured area. I can’t see shit with these sunglasses on indoors. I see a single passageway into the main convention floor. canada goose I go for it. At least 6 security guards in my way, but I follow in someone else. Its working. But then someone blocks my path. Fuck.

buy canada goose jacket cheap He asks to see my wristband. I stutter and make up an excuse related to the coffee that was fucking horrible because I was internally dying of crippling anxiety. He calls over his boss. Boss tells us to leave. I walk out, Chinese kid still behind me, hyping me up for another attempt.

Canada Goose Jackets Long story short, we eventually got in, but at that point I was already too late and didn’t beat any of the VIP ticket holders. I flew back home after the first day in defeat, the product of a poor choice made on not very much sleep.